About 360 Mall

About 360 Mall

360 MALL is a truly unique shopping destination at the intersection of the King Faisal Highway and the 6th Ring Road.

Strategically located in a busy and rapidly growing residential area, the retail and entertainment development provides a valuable addition to the local community as well as visitors from further afield.

The circular design of the mall creates a shopping area of over 82,000 sqm, with its superb architecture that has been inspired by a modern day interpretation of the tradition of navigating by the stars and by the region’s class Arabic architectural features, the Mall provides the most engaging shopping and leisure experiences in Kuwait.

A hypermarket, two department stores and fabulous leisure and entertainment arenas are just some of its major attractions. 360 MALL is truly an exciting and unique destination whose shopping, entertainment and leisure components are synonymous with sophistications, elegance and unsurpassed style and luxury. The Mall showcases the best of international, regional and local retailers to create a delightful and special experience for visitors of all ages.

Grand Entrance

"A complete experience for the shopper with taste"

With a unique vision, 360 MALL has been created to simply redefine the meaning of luxury shopping in Kuwait.

The Grand Entrance is the first step to a wide variety of journeys possible at 360 MALL. The transition from warm wood decking, lush landscaping and a reflecting pool at the entry bridge on to the high-tech pixilated floor tiles and walls of the Grand Entrance's is the inspirational element. The Grand Entrance includes a ground breaking giant LED screen well placed at the centre, greeting visitors with various messages of merchandise offerings, information and product displays.

In this zone you will find European fashion and jewellery brands that include Cartier, Prada, GUCCI as well as Burberry.

The Grand Entrance is an experience that will engage all your senses and draw them to explore the spaces beyond. The Grand Entrance is a portal to the endless possibilities at 360 MALL.

The Gardens

"360 MALL Gardens, the living wall of greenery masterpiece"

The Gardens is one of many experiences at the 360 MALL, and is the only place where you can find a living wall of greenery in Kuwait.

This matchless experience boasts an image of calm sanctuary visitors can enjoy. The landscape includes 21,000 lush fresh plants growing on walls, Japanese Koi, reflecting pools, cafes and seats on warm wood decks. The Gardens will re-energize one's senses through the sights, sounds, scents and textures of a beautiful, green and charming oasis.

In The Gardens, visitors will enjoy the delights of leading global and Kuwaiti cafes and restaurants. Le Notre Cafe and Lorenzo will provide classic French and Italian cuisine, while b+f open flame kitchen and The Meat Co. offers cuisine in the latest restaurant designs new to Kuwait and finally Life With Cacao offers the most delectable desserts.

The Day Journey

"Elegant surroundings and exceptional shopping outlets to explore"

The Day Journey presents an indoor-outdoor experience, allowing visitors to travel through the curvilinear pathway of granite and carpets.

The large teak frames along the path and arched skylights with simulated clouds. The Journey is infused with a play of sun, shadows, and dappled natural light from the curving skylight as well as fabric sunshades that follow the path of the concourse. While visitors enjoy shopping through the organic light shapes created by sunshades, they can experience elegant, curvilinear wood benches ringing from each column. The multi-level retail space meanders in a curve that leads to its primary feature: a brilliantly expressive sculpture floating in the Sun Court.

Visitors in the Day Journey can find exclusive jewelers such as women and men watch providers Omega and Korloff. Fashion houses such, Jimmy Choo, Emporio Armani, Donna Karen, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace and Alviero Martini to name few.

Main Atrium

"The Heart of 360 MALL"

The fascinating Main Atrium is at the heart of 360 MALL and is characterized by modern interpretations of historical Arabic architecture, structures around a courtyard, teak frames, metal screens, and high walls.

The comfortable Main Atrium interior invokes the spirit of a large hotel lobby, inviting family and friends to relax and enjoy their time together. The Main Atrium is a multi-level space with an organically shaped skylight that allows natural light to surround the area. The rich distinct carpets, wooden floors, the multiplicity of water elements and verdant planters that are scattered throughout the seating area seamlessly blend with the main water feature.

The Main Atrium includes various shops that are arranged in a circular shape and add sparkle to the mall. Shopping at stores like Bally, Kate Spade and Trafalgar adds more value and pleasure for the visitors to experience. The Atrium is characterized by the comfortable seating arrangement that is provided by Fauchon, Posh Cafe and Cafe Meem.

The Boulevard

"Explore an array of world’s most recognized fashion brands"

The Boulevard cuts through the centre of 360 MALL to the Main Atrium.

The modern and contemporary Boulevard includes patterns of old-world souks framed with rhythmic wooden arch forms; a common attribute in Middle Eastern architecture. The rich teak portals, trees and various architectural elements at the shop level of The Boulevard weaves together a multi-level retail space that mirrors an image of the familiar old-world shopping experience known to the Gulf region.

The Boulevard presents Haute Couture fashion such as Saint Laurent, Gucci, Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta and IWC Schaffhausen.

The Night Journey

"Elegant surroundings and exceptional shopping outlets to explore"

The Night Journey’s rich, luminous, dusky colors are naturally calming and peaceful.

Repetitive large scale teak gates frame the visitor’s passage underneath oculi that represent portals to the stars of the changing night sky. Sleek details such as the etched pattern of the waxing and waning moon on the handrail glass, lighting color shifts, the metal at the base of the teak gates, and the striking floor patterns create a dynamic yet pleasant mood.

The lighting in the NIGHT JOURNEY is ideal for retailers such as Juicy Couture allowing the store merchandise to stand out. Joining Juicy Couture, Ted Baker and La Martina in this wing are the stores of Sacoor Brothers, Gant, Bimba and Lola, Harrys of London and Karen Millen at the first level, the iconic brands offer fashion, shoes, leather goods and accessories.

The curving path of the concourse marks the end of the journey, where visitors can witness an attractive sculpture suspended in the Star Court and surrounded by stars. Visitors can experience this ambience at both levels as they shop for their favorite brands. Whether alone or with friends and family, the Night Journey encourages and invites the shopper to explore.


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